Monday, October 29, 2012

Birds of a same feather

These drawings are done by mentor and good friend, Marcel; I knew he is a good architect but did not know that he is a good painter as well. Not until these series of drawings were send to me, they are part of 80 in his bird series; each finished in pen, pencil, wash and crayon.

I have not seen Marcel for more than ten years; he now lives in Canada with his family. This photo of him was taken when we were working in the same firm; as part of a photo record of all the people in the office. I took this picture of him while he was busy preening himself; getting his cuffs straight and so forth.

Moments later when he was ready, I took some posed shots of him.

But this is still my favourite because I remember he was humming to himself - obviously happy to be in the centre of all the attention.

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