Saturday, October 17, 2009

bali re-visited

Having experienced Bali before with Sam; we wanted the kids to share the same - we decided to go rural and found a small hotel near to some padi fields in Ubud.
It is called the Bali T-house and was developed by architects using a timber construction module. This is the view from our first floor bedroom - which is essentially an open platform with bamboo blinds when privacy is required or to stop the rain from coming in.

There are only 12 or so villas; we share views of the 'sawah' as well as a lap pool which is only 15 feet from our dining terrace. Our villa is named 'Jahe' (ginger in Bahasa Indonesia) - and while we laze in silken hammocks, Sean and Sara explore the pool and the surroundings.
Perhaps it is the romance of being in Bali once again; the green of the padi fields is one I have not seen before; changing in hue and form as it catches the sun and the breeze. The buildings beyond are for resting and worship; we see the workers having their lunch there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ela Bay PNG

Spent a morning at Ela Bay, the sea a dark crystalline blue competing with the sky. There was a stiff breeze despite the bright sunshine. And as I looked down at the little hamlets - the hillside houses reminding me of the photos of 50s australia, seen through old copies of architecture magazines.

Monday, September 14, 2009

architecture in Kuching

While most sketchers draw what they see; there are times when we draw what we see in our mind's eye. As an architect, this is what i do at work, it is a easier process for me as I am trained to do this while drawing what is in front of me is at times harder. Probably because you can't cheat and fudge the lines.
This is a sketch of a building done some years ago; for a building along one of Kuching's more prominent roads. The building is close to completion now; we have managed to keep it quite true to its original form and intent. I am pleased with the result.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Church in Port Moresby

This is a Roman Catholic church in Port Moresby; it is interesting to note that local cultural symbols have been incorporated into the typical elements of a church building. I feel that it adds colour; as do the local people - who attend church in the same carefree manner thay appear to embrace their daily life. They worship outside on the lawn in the weak winter sunshine; colourful in their attire and mannerism.

Friday, July 31, 2009

the weekend

i like to look in on the kids when i wake up early in the morning; this is sean asleep with his "rabbity" - soft toy i made years ago with three old socks - a maroon one for the body and two blue ones for the ears. the other doodles are ideas for a garden project.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

datum KL

most of the DNA family went to Datum 2009; held at the KL Convention Centre next door to the Petronas Twin Towers. I nipped outside after lunch to stroll around the KLCC park, which was quite shaded despite the midday sun. i knew the twin towers would be a challenge to sketch, so i decided to capture the essence only instead of trying to depict it accurately.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

little black book

It was hot at Tiananmen; the members of our tour group are all wilted from the Beijing sun. This study tour was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (Sarawak Chapter) - so most of the people here are architects, not many sketch though - digital photography seems to have put a stop to that!

the forbidden city, beijing

temple of heaven. I steal away to the side and sketch quickly, the others wander around and snap photos. 15 minutes later they all gather on the opposite end of the courtyard and the tour guide signals for me to follow. i finish one sketch and Sam takes a dozen photographs.

These are a series of quick sketches, each taking about 15 minutes and small in size 5x4-8 inches. I used a black ball point - i enjoy the freedom to start on a new page quickly - to move the pen in any direction. To capture the moment; sometimes creating an outline first to come back to later add final touches.
I take this little sketch book with me most of the time, it has travelled with me from Beijing to KL.

Monday, July 20, 2009

looking and sketching

not doing much on the weekend - yet determined to add another page to the sketch book. so while the three Ss shopped at The Spring. I sat at Starbucks and drew the man at the next table.
not much but still .. one page closer to a new sketch book

Saturday, July 11, 2009

travel sketches - beijing part 1

rapid sketch of the Birds Nest stadium in Beijing.
coloured in with KOI watercolour field set and a bit of chinese ink

the Temple of Heaven, Beijing.
this is where the ancient Chinese Emperors go to communicate with their gods.

travel sketches - beijing part 2

beneath the reflection pool

inside the dome of the national theatre

housing in downtown Beijing

detail of bay window

These are scenes of the Great Wall of China at Badaling. I used a re-fillable fountain pen brush i bought in Beijing.

KL trip

waiting at the Johor train station, for a 5 hour trip to KL
its 7 a.m. and we all not quite awake yet.

sean got more transformer figurines; over tea time - we staged a battle between two of them.

at the SS3 pasar malam, the queque to buy assam laksa is long.
and you have to take a number

sean likes to sketch too; sometimes i get him to draw a plan of the space he's in.

scene from a coffee shop - these guys have just arrived after their evening prayers and are waiting for a live telecast of Man U vs Liverpool to start.

lake titiwangsa at night

enroute to Kuching, we decided to arrive earlier so we could sit and read at the airport
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travel sketches - penang

The Penang clock tower, near Fort Cornwallis
built largely from timber, donated by a Chinese businessman.
The local tourism centre is round the corner - where we got a map for the historical section of Penang.

Leong San Tong (Khoo Kongsi)

entrance to the Khoo Kongsi