Saturday, October 17, 2009

bali re-visited

Having experienced Bali before with Sam; we wanted the kids to share the same - we decided to go rural and found a small hotel near to some padi fields in Ubud.
It is called the Bali T-house and was developed by architects using a timber construction module. This is the view from our first floor bedroom - which is essentially an open platform with bamboo blinds when privacy is required or to stop the rain from coming in.

There are only 12 or so villas; we share views of the 'sawah' as well as a lap pool which is only 15 feet from our dining terrace. Our villa is named 'Jahe' (ginger in Bahasa Indonesia) - and while we laze in silken hammocks, Sean and Sara explore the pool and the surroundings.
Perhaps it is the romance of being in Bali once again; the green of the padi fields is one I have not seen before; changing in hue and form as it catches the sun and the breeze. The buildings beyond are for resting and worship; we see the workers having their lunch there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ela Bay PNG

Spent a morning at Ela Bay, the sea a dark crystalline blue competing with the sky. There was a stiff breeze despite the bright sunshine. And as I looked down at the little hamlets - the hillside houses reminding me of the photos of 50s australia, seen through old copies of architecture magazines.