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House Keeping

Sara's sketch of Mikey on the cover
Almost the end of another year, coinciding nicely with the completion of my trusty scribbling pad; one inch thick (and one year long) of unbleached slightly coarse paper, a trove of ideas and promises - some kept, other forgotten (until now).

Here is a cross section of what is inside -

some explanatory 'notes' for the builder 
single storey link between the family home and children's new house

(top) screen doors for the ramp house entry (bottom) breakfast venue earlier that same morning
formatting the local architects' newsletter INTERSECTION for Hui Joo
Here is the link -

folded steel stairs

possibilities for handrail

steel screen for a west wall of a house

internal railing to stop small children from falling out of the second storey window

front gate post + house number + mail-box

floor junction details

sharing ideas for a house with Peng Hui

'minutes' of meeting for a detached house

sharing ideas about an extended family house

sharing ideas with the extended family, and modifying layouts

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In-flight Entertainment

Flying AirAsia from Kuching to Penang meant no in-flight entertainment - plenty of time to do some work then. PH and I met a client a week ago and we chatted about the design of his house - the following sketches are the "minutes of meeting". I will send this to the client to record our points of agreement and some suggestions for the points on which we dis-agreed.

working out the scale of spaces on the left before setting out for real on the right

The sketches are done with an Artline pen on recycled palm-paper (I like its tooth and off-white colour) and washed with watercolours.

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