Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Enjoying Architecture

These two photos were taken years apart, yet they have much in common. Apart from the shapes and the postures, one might say that there is a delight in their enjoyment of architecture. To engage with it, to touch the material with their hands and in Sara's case, to quite sub-consciously measure it for (her) scale.

Quite the architect, even at 12...

Saturday, April 30, 2016


It has been a busy few months - plenty of over-time and lost weekends for our little office. A good problem to have as some would say. Busy as I am, I still try to set time aside for family and friends (and for exercise). But I often over-estimate myself; trying to do too many things all at once.

On the one occasion, I arrived home too late to cook the pasta dinner I promised some friends. Sam saved the day, again. Even before I took off my bicycle helmet, one of them teased me, saying ' ..I would have thought that now that you are your own boss, you would have more freedom' 

This time, another family member saved the day - Sean replied for me ..' it is not freedom from work but freedom to choose when to work'. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lebuh Nordin, Penang

Every time I see the shop houses along this little lane, their facades are raked with the evening sun. I walk here from my hotel nearby after a long afternoon's meeting with one sole purpose. To buy Beh Teh Saw (马蹄酥) from Hock Lok Siew Biscuit Company, a small family store that makes and sells these delicious flaky puffs filled with treacle. They are often warm from the oven when I buy them.

So, this sketch is to commemorate the short walk I take each fortnight; 0.74KM - I know, I measure it on Runkeeper.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chinese New Year Re-union dinners

The eve of the Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated by a "reunion dinner" with all the members of the family, especially those who are working or studying away from home. The sharing of food is of special significance to the Chinese, so for those who are not unable to make the trip home - they are often welcomed into the folds of the family of close friends and relatives as a family member. Likewise, Chinese students overseas who are unable to make the trip home have their reunion dinner with their family of course mates, when many try to replicate Mom's 'Tau Ewe Bak' and Grandma's 'Ngo Hiang'.

Two years ago, my interns, students and I started the practice of sharing photos of their reunion dinners in our chat group. So, at the eve of our New Year, photos would come flooding in; from the other side of town, from different parts of the country, and from overseas. It is our little reunion in a way - many of these young people are like family members; my 'borrowed' children from another life. It is meaningful for me to see them in their homes with their parents and siblings.






I counted about 170 interns who have trained at DNA with me, with Suh Chee and Arlene in the past 14 years. We started taking interns at a time when very few architectural firms in Kuching would accept interns into their offices. Two years ago,  I created a FaceBook page (with Sam's help) for the DNA Trainees Alumni with the objective of introducing everyone to everyone; a network for sharing ideas, contacts and travel plans.

More recently, I changed the name of the FB page from DNA Trainees Alumni to Min-ions 2016. 
Go look-see.

Recently, I made use of this post in an article for the architect's newsletter.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

January 2016

After setting out to run 2016 KM in 2016.

This is for my own record, really - but here is my progress so far..

I only managed 134.5km in January - way short of my target of 160km per month. In February, I have re-adjusted my target to 140km and will increase my mileage gradually.