Monday, July 25, 2016

Postcards from the Edge

Recently, Urban Sketchers Kuching took part in a postcard exchange with the Hong Kong Urban Sketchers - each of us are assigned a partner, mine is a Grace Tam. I hope she gets my postcard in one piece. I sent mine 'naked' just as how postcards are designed to be sent. Not in envelopes protected from view..

I sent Grace a scene from my work neighbourhood, a view from the Drunken Monkey Bar towards the river which I sketched one evening after work. Drinking beers with Claudia, George, Fiona and Sam.

Last week, a postcard arrived from Hong Kong. I am not certain if Grace has received mine.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Capturing the Essence

5 minutes, Saturday afternoon, in the shade, without glasses.

Monday, July 4, 2016

work in progress

A fellow architect dropped by the office one Saturday morning. Another senior practitioner, another one who has made a more than comfortable living from his trade. One who has stopped drawing perhaps, for he expressed surprise when he saw our drawing boards - 'wah, still draugthing ah?, who?, you ah?'

Actually, not all these are drawn at the draughting board. Some were drawn at home, on the coffee table in front of the telly. Others are details and ideas drawn on CAD printouts. I feel better after having made my mark on it. It is my way of assuring myself that I have vetted the drawing, it is ready to go. It is also a way of personalising computer generated drawings. The hand drawn lines say to the viewer - it's OK, someone put thought to my design. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Last Friday, I was invited to participate in the 3rd installment of PechaKucha Kuching; organised by local architectural firm, Integrated Design Consultants. 12 speakers share a special interest using 20 slides, at 20 seconds per slide - each 'chat'  lasts 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Not easy for a long winded architect - some would say...and they were right..(I missed having my slide clicker)

* PechaKucha is 'chitchat' or chatter in Japanese

I talked about my work with architecture students, designing and building the designs. Here are the 20 slides with their blurbs: