Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sharing Heritage

Last week, Urban Sketchers Kuching shared their sketches of heritage buildings with the Sarawak Heritage Society in an exhibition at the old courthouse.

The exhibition took place at the old Courthouse

They did a nice profile for our Urban Sketchers group

This lady bought my sketch as a pre Christmas present

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Forgive me, Father for it has been one month since my last blog entry...

I have been so busy with all my duties and obligations in the past month, that I had to make a list of my 'to-do' lists. Jokes aside - I have done just that, listing things that are not related to work or duties, but are important because they nourish me. This list remind me to set aside some minutes to sketch and paint, tend to the garden, to read and to continue my carpenter projects. So, here is some of last month's duties in a pictorial format.

1. Painting
 I found an old sketch of this spiral stairs - I drew it one Sunday afternoon years ago and decided to revive it with watercolors between dinner time and bed-time at the end of a particularly busy day at work.

Padungan Road back lane

2. Drawing
I am working on the design of a house which is the extension of an existing house that we designed several years ago. The link between the new and existing house is through a gallery space or a 'ruai' after the 'street' or corridor space in an Iban longhouse.

the 'ruai' is shown in orange

using the notion of served and servant spaces - Louis would have approved

the different entities of the house is unified by a roof that turns into a wall

Initial sketch of the 'ruai'

Sketch up version - the space alludes to the old streets in Chinatown

3. Writing
This is my last term as editor, next March someone else takes over. I enjoy the writing and compilation of varying tropics into a theme for each issue. But when the date lines clash - it is pressure that I do not need. I think it is a good idea to step aside and let someone else try their hand at this. It is important to have change - both for the newsletter and for me.
You can get a copy of the newsletter on-line at