Sunday, January 31, 2010

tree house in Kuching - 2008

We helped this couple with their house renovation about 8 years ago; when they needed extra space for their young family. Now the children want their own space - since there is no more space in the house, the only option left is a garden structure.
We developed a solution along the lines of a tree house; steel construction and off the shelf products enable the project to be completed in several weeks.

A grove of mature tree forms a backdrop for the tree house.
The tree house is located in the bottom of the garden; far enough for privacy and escape and near enough for the children to get wi-fi from the house.

Friday, January 29, 2010

urban planning sketches

sometimes, to amuse our clients and myself with a different type of graphics - I use watercolour to provide quick 5 minute vignettes of our ideas.
the loose and fluid lines are conducive to concept sketches; it feels transient and impermanent.
which is appropriate for brainstorming, discussion and the sharing of ideas in the early stages of a project.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ONE TREE HOUSE - completed early 2008

An aerial view of the one tree house; so named because there was a solitary tree in the middle of the site. We then decided that the house should planned around the tree.

Other than the tree, other site forces came into play - sun orientation and the qiblat for this Malay family.
The 'soft' centre of the house; the tree which is the catalyst for the design survived the construction process and thrives happily as the focal point for the garden.

sketch of the entry hall - contrasting high volumes with the seating area next to the stairs. A bridge connects the parents zone with the childrens' rooms.

This simple sketch was used to explain the concept of planning the house around the existing tree to the clients. The shallow pool and planted courtyard is a calming prelude to entering the house
The one tree house as seen from the street; its silhouette fits in with the neighbouring kampong dwellings.