Monday, October 8, 2012

Postcards from the Edge

While in Florence recently, I decided to send postcards of my sketches to friends back home - here are some of them. Some were copies of favourite sketches from my pad; others I sketched straight onto the card as I grew more confident. I posted them from a hill town near Florence called Fiesole, known as 'the sky over Florence' - you can see why from the photograph.

The Sky over Florence

This post box is to the right of the doorway (above)

I was sketching a postcard in the courtyard of a church as Sam pointed out a post box on the wall next to me. It was a sign! So we posted all of them from the little red post box in a church courtyard in Fiesole.

Brunelleschi's Duomo looking from the Ospedale degli Innocenti

One was folded in half otherwise all arrived at their destinations unscathed. I call them my expresso sketches because they were painted quickly and with coffee...

...and now back in Kuching; the postcards continue. This time painted with soy sauce from coffee shops.

My friends overseas, send me your postal address via email if you want a sketch postcard from Kuching.


  1. is a great inspiration gained browsing thru your sketches!! thanks!! (coincidently link to this blog)

  2. Thank you for your kind words, let me send you a postcard.