Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painting trees

This last post of 2011 does not attempt to sum up the year, that would take too long and may proof to be tedious reading for many. Instead I chose to highlight (or perhaps confirm) an important realisation on my part - which is my increasing enjoyment of working with young people.

So here is one of the little projects carried out with several of my young friends. They painted a mural at the Home of Peace; an elderly citizens' home in Landeh about twelve miles out of Kuching. The idea was 'planted' by Ivy who thought that the dining room at the Home of Peace looked rather institutional and needed colour.

Sara and Joel designed the 'forest of trees' to be stenciled onto the wall for the younger kids to fill in; colours were selected to imply depth of perception.
I enjoyed the experience of completing the mural with the students (Wen Jin from Ipoh, Shearer and Jay from St Joe, Sean, Sara, Nick and Kieran) despite not drawing a line myself. I felt rewarded by their generosity in donating their time.
We will return to add birds to the forest as requested by one of the Sisters who run the place.

Nick and his Dad adding birds and flowers
with some of the residents of the Home of Peace

Friday, December 23, 2011

Little Black Book

I keep a small sketch book (4x6 inches) for quick sketches during stolen moments of the day; usually during traveling to and from meetings out of town. I tried to keep it updated like a visual journal but it is not always successful; recently I took stock of the entries and posted them here.
The Lasalle College of the Arts - near the Bugis MRT

I have always liked this building; how it addresses the corner with its curve form; did a quick 5 minute sketch when waiting for my lunch to be cooked in a cafe across the street.

Another quick one done in ball point pen near the Floating Stadium at the Marina; after viewing the Dali exhibition at the new Arts and Science Museum.
The 'wings' hovering over the Marina Sands
Inside - we watched the Lion King and ate pizza at the Mozza - culinary and cultural (?) highlights
A familiar place during our stay at Micheal's apartment; sketched from the McDonald's across the street.

Events of the day - some days are just packed with activity and ideas.

Last run at the gym before heading off to Penang for the Run (Nov 2011)

My life at the confluence of books and food at DNA's office.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Drawing From Memory

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Steward Lane, Penang

More from the stolen afternoon of sketching in Penang, my attention was caught by the many textures of this elevation. I drew in ink 'on-site' and colored in after I returned to Kuching.
Wan Hai Hotel on Steward Lane


I didn't have my camera with me and forgot to write down the street name but fortunately I was able to find a photo taken by Calvin Kwok to accompany this post.

Monday, December 5, 2011

S(catch) of the Day

I have been busy catching up with work leftover due to my trips away from the office; so I have not had much time to sketch on-site or to finish the sketches from Penang. The only sketching that I have been doing for the past few weeks have been the money making type; sketches to show clients initial ideas, to explain design ideas to students in the office and show a trace of the hand in my drawings These sketches are for a small house in Kuching - and they perform each of the roles listed above.
Pencil floor plan rendered with coloured pencil; total area 168 sq. metres.

A couple of quick sketches drawn up in an A5 cartridge sketchbook - with water colours quickly added in.