Saturday, December 28, 2013

After the run

It was the 17th November. It was Sunday afternoon, after our Penang run. We had our naps, woke up hungry, went for a walk and found the Mugshot Cafe along Lebuh Chulia. I found the place irresistible because it sold bagels! The place was packed and we ended up sharing a long low table with a couple near the front shop window (this was the view from my seat)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last weekend's gardening

 I have been busy in my garden but somehow it is not on par with the gardens that I design for my clients. Is it because I lack their budget? I suspect it is because I am trying to build everything myself and making use of existing material which I have. Noble but not pretty, and tiring too.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Power of Symbols in Chinese Tradition and Culture

This was the title for our latest design lecture at PAMSC given by Prof. Teh Kem Jin from NUS. The two-hour long lecture was presented in a interesting and informal manner; discussing the power of symbols in Chinese Tradition and Culture and its relevance to modern society in general and to design in particular.

This was overhead at the after-talk lunch:-
Si Yong: ..(upon hearing that Stephen's new baby is a boy) your first child is a girl?
Stephen: Yes.
Si Yong: that's good. Get it? (writing a Chinese Character with his fork on the paper plate with curry gravy) - first the girl then the boy is the Chinese character for 'good'
Stephen: Oh! (a banana* learns something new as an aftermath to a fruitful lecture) - that means I can close shop.


 *banana - local slang for a person of Asian who is more assimilated into Western culture than Asian -  white inside while yellow outside. 

Some would argue that the word is represents woman with a child but I think credit should be given to Si Yong for his interpretation to suit the situation. We think that the other 50 participants are similarly informed and inspired.