Monday, July 18, 2011

Home for some

Our studio at work

Toffee the dog is two timing us - Sam and I rescued him from a short life on the streets and gave him a home at DNA. One day, he escaped. We thought that we had lost him for good, because we looked everywhere. Then Rosalind from down the street rang up and said "I think I have your dog; I am now his mummy, he has been with us for several weeks and we call him Mr. Brown".
So, we agreed to have a time-share dog who would benefit from twice the loving.

Toffee rolls in mid morning like a CEO; checks in with Leong and I before having a nap. He stays for lunch with Arlene. In the afternoon, he wanders around taking part in our group discussions. At 4 pm, Mr. Brown leaves to return home to mommy and dinner.

Sometimes, Life should be simple like that.

me, toffee and iPod (2009)
Toffee a.k.a.Mr. Brown (Aug 2011)

Friday, July 8, 2011

KL Half Marathon

2:33 - numbers sometimes speak louder than words; so there you have it in a nutshell. I was unable to break the two and a half hour mark for the half marathon. Weight loss would help; improved mental strength would too - I realised this as I ran towards this landmark near the end of the race. It looked near but was kilometres away.  

Nonetheless, this has been a fulfilling experience for me as Sean and Sara also ran the Half with me; and I ran with negligible knee pain. Thanks to Tatiana. And as long as I continue to improve my times (my KL Half in 2009 was 2:43) - I will be giving her my finisher medals.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work beckons

Each time I appear to work especially hard at the office, my colleagues ask me if I am going away for a trip soon - and usually the answer is 'yes'. I am especially focused and productive days before a trip - my ideas are clear and my lines are decisive. If only I am like this for the rest of the year; I would get all my work done in 6 months. But then that mightn't work so well - as much of my work is collaborative and one must for time to review and consideration. Like Louis Khan's spaces - I am sometimes the servant and often times the served. But in any case, I am in a favourable position in the office - geographically that is; at the confluence of books and food, within easy reach of the library and smell of coffee.

 I keep a work journal for sketches related to office work and several others for travel and thoughts - often there is cross-pollination amongst them. But I have learnt not to be so anal as life is often untidy. These sketches give body to my design ideas; they have become easier as I practice sketching during my travels - so the hobby helps with work. I think that's rather cool.