Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sketch 1/30 - Fiumicino Airport (Sept 2012)

I have been sketching in these A5 booklets for the past three years now; using them as my visual journals. The paper has a nice bite with an off-white complexion and takes a light wash quite well. They are not too thick so they are handy to carry around yet thick enough to contain at least a month's thoughts and sketches. At RM 5 each, they are cheap enough to doodle on all the time.

I like to look through them once in a while - to see what was on my mind in 2011 and to recall where I was in 2009 and what I was looking at then. Sometimes I discover a stray sketch or writing.

Over the next 30 days, I ll try to post these "strays" and give them some exposure and what better sketch to start with then this one on the cusp of great adventure :-

Fiumicino Airport
Going through the customs check point of the Rome Airport on the way to Helsinki. The airport looked a bit tired and world weary from all that traffic traveling through her corridors each day, but I thought this added to her charm. I thanked the officer who inspected me for the 'massage' as he was very vigorous and thorough - I think he got the joke.

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  1. Dear Min Wee Sir,
    I am an architecture student, in my final year, yet to begin my internship for the year. The past 4 years I realised I should have been sketching probably as much as you have or infact even more. But the pressure of submissions has never made me do so. Thank you for the inspiration to take up my A5 coptic bound book and sketch in it again. :)