Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sketch 2/30 - Hoi An (Jan 2012)

We traveled to Hoi An on a whim - after reading about this UNESCO World Heritage Site on many occasions. The four of us flew to Danang cheaply via AirAsia and were driven to Hoi An. In the car ride there, we were able to see the construction of several large seaside resorts and compare this development with the quaint, 'frozen in time' quality of Hoi An's Old Quarter. The Old Quarter is small compared to other UNESCO site, Georgetown for example and is unlikely to withstand the pressure of new tourist development nudging up against its borders.
This is a destination more memorable for the people we met such as the local university students who took us on a bicycle tour of Kim Bong fishing village and for time spent amongst just the four of us; eating and walking and talking and cycling and shopping for lanterns.


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