Monday, May 19, 2014

Sketch 11/30 - Witzli Poetzli, Antwerp (April 2013)

..continuing my promise to post stray sketches from my visual journals for 30 consecutive days.

I remember this winter morning in April 2013 when our group of travelers were dropped off at the Antwerp Old Town, everything was shut or just about to open, just like someone getting a really good stretch and yawn before waking up. There is only so much Gothic cathedral one can take, so we sidled into a side lane looking for refuge from the cold and the madding 'crowd'.

And this is the place that we came into - it was quiet, it was warm and it looked quite arty - exactly the kind of place arty types would seek refuge in and as it turns out, I discovered (while posting this entry) that this is quite a popular place with the arty types. I should have guessed - one of the people we chatted with while waiting for our coffee to cool is an artist, Media who showed us some of her work.  

small and intimate bar downstairs with dining rooms up a steep flight of stairs

Irene checking her work

We are next to the Cathedral of Our Lady - too early and too cold for sitting outside.

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