Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sketch 8/30 - Billy Joel (Feb 2014)

Life works in cycles and ones has to take the good with the bad - I remind myself to enjoy the good stuff when they happen.

Recently, I had to travel out of town for long period of time and this meant time away from my family and I missed the simple sequence of my day; the early morning run to breakfast, designing and the USK sketching excursions.
At the end of another long day, I worked in the hotel lounge instead of returning to my room - trying to find comfort in the company of strangers. The piano player started playing -  familiar tune, I know this one, work was set aside as I tried to recall the tune, I know the words...
"she can kill with her smile,
she can wound with her eyes"

And as I listened and sketched, the evening passed very pleasantly..with a little help from Billy Joel.

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