Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Suzhou Road, Shanghai

I am a terrible blogger; I do not update my blog on a regular basis, this is a result of not sketching regularly and since this is a sketch blog - one must generate enough sketches to upload on a regular basis. Surprising - considering that I spend my work day drawing.
More on Shanghai; this entry concentrates on the area near our hotel on Suzhou Nan Lu which runs along Wusong River. It is ten-minutes walk from the Bund due east and ten minutes walk to Nanjing Dong Lu due south - so quite handily located although the surroundings are less than picturesque.

Our neighbours are hardware stores and welding shops; but the river is a nice guide to stroll along and if you presevere (30 minutes walk) it will lead to Suzhou Xi Lu and ultimately the MoganShan Lu where the Shanghai Art Precinct is located. This Art Precinct is similar to Beijing 798 - and was formerly a light industrial area now restored to house art galleries, eateries, studios and design offices.
Despite the "blue-collar" neighbourhood, there is plenty to sketch - this is a block of apartments across the river, its windows and balconies are a mosaic of people's lives.

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