Thursday, October 14, 2010

Views from my breakfast window, Shanghai

As Malaysians, we are often spoiled for choice when it comes to food; especially with Chinese food, most of which is influenced by Cantonese cuisine epitomised by high fire stir-fry and brothy soups. Therefore it is not surprising that while the local food in Shanghai is always fresh and clean; it pales significantly in comparison to the food 'back home'. 
But ...I am not here to critique local food (being insufficiently qualified). this is simply a starting point for the next few sketches conducted from my breakfast window.

Looking across the river from our favourite breakfast table

Breakfast is a buffet of twenty odd dishes (emphasis on 'odd' ) - two types of porridge, three types of pickles, peanuts, fried pancakes, you-tiau, tomatoes, sliced corguettes, two types of pau, bread, fried rice and noodles, steamed sweet potato and pumpkin, hard boiled eggs, local corn on the cob accompanied by warm orange cordial and soy milk. (19 items) - SO there is plenty of time to sit and linger and draw.

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