Monday, October 18, 2010

Romance in Fuxing GongYuan

We came across this park on one of our walking tours; Sara said it reminded her of the Paris parks she had seen in movies - and it is clear why - the tree-lined avenues with lawns in between them, vistas guided towards fountains and statues, further enhanced by the crunchy gravel underfoot and couples cuddling on park benches. Clear signs of the French influence in Shanghai's past - so it seemed appropriate that we would meet this spritely couple; not young in years but still youthful in their step.Sara took this series of shots; as they practiced - coaching and encouraging each other - quite oblivious to the crowd which gathered to watch them; envious of their dancing skills and obvious enjoyment of each other's company.
I will take a break from Shanghai entries after this one and come back to them later in the month.

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