Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trip to Shanghai

Went to Shanghai for 7 days to visit the Expo, amongst others things - to visit the renowned Shanghai Bund and other historic parts of this lovely city such as the (former) French Concession Area and the Old Quarter. There were plenty of sketching opportunities, and I will be sharing the results in the next few days. I will also share travel tips so that my friends who are about to visit Shanghai may enjoy this multi-faceted, vibrant and highly accessible city.

One of the landmarks of Shanghai is the Bund; along the Huangpu River lined with one mile of historical buildings that house government bodies such as the Customs House (pictured), hotels and banks. The side streets are lined with high-end boutiques (photo) and restaurants. The waterfront along the Huangpu teems with people throughout the day; and more at night - taking in the sights and photographing themselves against the buildings along the Bund as well as the high-rises in Pudong.

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  1. oh i m so glad have a look on the further ones i always want to go to shanghai
    I saw the expo in Hannover ,.