Monday, March 17, 2014

Building Bridges

My friends think that I drive my children too hard and force them to do too many chores. I do not agree. Chores are those tasks that you instruct someone to do while you stand and look, it is not a chore if you do the work with them.
I see physical labour as a way of bonding with my family.

Sean testing the ramp as Felicia looks on

the landing is formed by stacking 5x5 " belian posts - the ramp is simply held on place by its weight

we try to use as many of the things we have around the house as possible, or bought cheaply from the hardware store

That is what Sean and I were doing last week - building a bridge between father and son, between the garden and the pavillion. He is a good work partner. Usually I start first, by going into the garden and preparing the materials and he quietly joins me a few minutes later and stays until we are done for the afternoon.

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