Monday, March 24, 2014

Waiting without fretting

I enjoy waiting in public places.

It means that I am not in the office nor at home which means that I am not drawing, talking, cleaning, weeding or any other the number of things that I do to occupy my time. It probably means that I have a book, or a sketchbook with me and a drink in front of me. Sometimes I read and when I am tired of reading - I sketch the people around me.
These are my companions at the IKEA waiting lounge where I was left for an hour with our purchases while the others dashed off for grocery shopping (Who shops for groceries for an hour?)
This woman was eating at the KLCC food court - she was eating very slowly so I thought that she was waiting for someone to join her, but it turns out that she was pre-occupied in some deep thought. Her chopsticks would sometimes stop with noodles dangling in mid flight. 
The guy at the departure certainly could not wait without fretting, I had difficulty drawing him in a single pose until he finally fell asleep. Unfortunately for him, we were to board the plane by then.

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