Sunday, March 9, 2014

What's been on my mind...

I have neglected my blog. The following are some excuses...

I have a lot on my plate recently, and even more on my mind - from the mundane to the spiritual. Should I re-plant the tomatoes? Am I mentoring my children adequately? Is my irritability caused by hormonal imbalance? and on top of that, there is work to keep me occupied.

the modular form of the office is offset by the rakish angle of the roof and screen. (washed with coffee)

This has been on my mind in the past weeks - an office building designed to be de-mountable after several years and used elsewhere. The modular building will be constructed in steel with panel cladding and flooring for re-useability - a series of stacked boxes sheltered with an over-sailing roof. The roof pitch is a gentle 5 degrees making it an ideal pedestrian 'ramp' to the top end of the roof.

view of the 'street' - bridges overhead connect the offices with the amenities.

Construction starts soon, I am looking forward to detailing in steel again.

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