Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bangkok Study Trip

My contribution to the July 2011 issue of the INTERSECTION newsletter; I see it as my role to provide an irreverent aspect to this publication. (when Ivy lets me get away with it.)  
sketches from the Navalia River Resort

Siam Cement Group showroom

Recently, members of the local Architects' Institute went on a study tour of Bangkok; this is a usual item on the PAM calendar - last year it was Shanghai and Beijing the year before. I went along for the promise of good eats, sights and a chance to sketch outside my usual boundaries. It is also an 5-day exercise in camaraderie and good-will (something that my wife tells me I need to work on) as 25 people share food and a small bus. Indeed, there were times when we shared food IN a small bus.

Bangkok University - School of Arts
Aside form enjoying the daily architectural and culinary tidbits; I took time to record some interesting 'discoveries' which I made whilst in Bangkok. 
1. There are 6-foot long monitor lizards at the Lumphini Park;
runners stop to let them pass.
2. Thai runners also stop mid-stride when the National Anthem
played in the Park at 8 a.m.
3. If you behave and sit quietly in the Public Library; the librarian
will fetch you a cup of coffee.
4. Thai mall security patrol on locally-made Segways.
5. In her campaign poster, Ying Shinawatra reminds me of
Catherine Zeta-Jones.
6. Adding a ‘kup’ or ‘ka’ at the end of a word makes it sound more
polite…try it.


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