Friday, June 3, 2011

Thai Lunch

We arrived in Bangkok at 4 pm (3 pm local time) - too late for lunch and too early for dinner; undaunted we led our tour guide to a hole in the wall restaurant called "Chotechitr" for our first taste of home cooked Thai food. There were 6 tables inside the shop and one outside by the street; run by a well-spoken (in English) lady who spent her childhood in Italy. The solitary cook meant that our meals took some time to arrive; which was fine as the neighbourhood was charming and people friendly.
We ate banana flower salad and crispy vermicelli in a tangy spicy dressing, followed by fried fish with mango salad, red curry prawns and chicken in yellow curry - all in the guise of a pre-dinner snack. Which ended up being dinner for all of us. 

Map courtesy of Yaowalak

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