Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work beckons

Each time I appear to work especially hard at the office, my colleagues ask me if I am going away for a trip soon - and usually the answer is 'yes'. I am especially focused and productive days before a trip - my ideas are clear and my lines are decisive. If only I am like this for the rest of the year; I would get all my work done in 6 months. But then that mightn't work so well - as much of my work is collaborative and one must for time to review and consideration. Like Louis Khan's spaces - I am sometimes the servant and often times the served. But in any case, I am in a favourable position in the office - geographically that is; at the confluence of books and food, within easy reach of the library and smell of coffee.

 I keep a work journal for sketches related to office work and several others for travel and thoughts - often there is cross-pollination amongst them. But I have learnt not to be so anal as life is often untidy. These sketches give body to my design ideas; they have become easier as I practice sketching during my travels - so the hobby helps with work. I think that's rather cool.

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