Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Perhaps people who live on islands are kindred spirits; because I have met so many nice people from Penang - even ones who have been long removed from the island home. So it is a happy coincidence that a client should visit our website and decide to appoint us for his new house in Penang - legitimising my wish to visit Penang for food and sketching. (and generally walking around and looking)
China Street, Georgetown

Stopping for a drink and air-cond rest at a health food restaurant and sketching the streetscape through the shop window; Little India runs perpendicular to China Street. The vista down China Street ends with an old Chinese temple.
Padang next to Penang Town Hall


  1. I like the second sketches posted here. Simplicity that implies great deal of details. 2 mediums and it suggests plenty, like the profile of the roof, the tiles end, the recessed facade & the opposite block.

  2. thanks; are you from penang?

  3. I'm graduating this Sept..finding place to work for 1 yr before entering Part2...

  4. I am at DNA, Kuching - interested to train here?
    email your portfolio