Monday, March 1, 2010

kuching sketchcrawl

the sketchbooks of the people who took part; architecture students, their tutor, a practcising architect (me) and his children. ... the sketches contained inside; the different styles are as distinct as the different choice of sketchbooks.
The Kuching Sketchcrawlers at the Waterfront; sitting together yet momentarily lost in their own world.
Azie organised a sketch crawl over the long weekend; and we spent a few happy hours in the centre of Kuching, along the Main Bazzar. Judging from the response from those who joined, there will be more sketching expeditions in the future.


  1. Another nice sketch.
    I come back to Kuching a few times a year to take care of on going business left behind by family. May be we can meet up for Kopi O one day.

  2. this is super cool! i saw sketch crawl in urban sketchers but never knew it really happened in kuching!

  3. Wow...this is great. May I join the next one? Im a fan of Urban Sketchers. :)