Monday, March 29, 2010

Chendol Adventures in Penang 2009

When in Penang, we like to stay at the friendly, value-for-money Mingood Hotel on Argyll Street (off Penang Road) - there are many favourite eating spots nearby. For breakfast, the bus stop roti place is good for roti-bakar with soft-boiled eggs or Indian roti topped with curry. 
We took part in the Penang International Bridge Marathon - Eng Hooi, Sam, Sarah, Joyce and I ran the half marathon while Sean and Sara did the 10K. Our run started at 430 a.m.and finished around 7 a.m.. - my time to improve for next year - 2hr 31mins

In the smoky afternoon light, some people sat in the shade of a covered market enjoying coffee and conversation while others like the old Malay man sit momentarily lost in their thoughts.


  1. min, your technique that frame and cut-off this sketch is quite cool.

  2. 美麗的事物是永恆的快樂,它的可愛日有增加,不會消逝而去 ..................................................

  3. Hi, do u mind if i use your sketch for t-shirt printing? Not for commercial use, only for club event. Thank you. -