Monday, March 22, 2010

The funnel

The sketches prepared over the weekend are used to discuss design ideas and work load with colleagues on Monday. The design sometimes change when better solutions are brought forward; the idea then get developed into a technical drawing, 3D sketch or model.
These framing diagrams were prepared by my colleague, Tao for discussion and coordination with the contractor on site. As you can see, it does not always have to be a CAD drawing nor a hard-line section - so long as it is clear and to scale, it can be understood.
The hardwood frame will later be lined with plywood of differing thickness; laid at a slant to reflect the rakish angle of the entrance porch or 'the trumpet' as it is refered to on site by the workers.
I prefer to call it the 'funnel' because its purpose is to suck people into the building.


  1. Form like this always remind me of Donald Judd's work.How do you light it at night ?

  2. The internal lining is local ply of different thicknesses and in varying widths; in some of these skinny panels are light boxes - reccessed to flush with the surface of the wall and ceiling lining