Saturday, September 3, 2016

Time on my hands

 I drew these sketches of Fort Magherita for Friends of the Sarawak Museum (FOSM). They were going to use them for their launching of the new Brooke Gallery, I was very busy yet quietly flattered. * Incidentally - I also learnt that the fort was named after Charles Vyner Brooke's wife, Margaret.

So, I put to practice what I tell my interns and colleagues - meet the date line first by putting something in. Book the place, get the conversation started (or going) and then if you're able - improve on the original item. And keep the conversation going again after that. That method of meeting date lines helped me get through architecture school relatively stress-free.

Several days after sending in the above sketches, I found myself with some time on my hands. A rare occasion. Which I put to good use by applying ink and wash over the original sketches. It brings out the forms a bit better and I like how the wash blurs the hard lines of the ball point pen.

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