Friday, September 9, 2016


I sometimes sneak an early run to the office; get in 6 km before dawn. Then sneak in a few hours to start a conversation with a floor plan, or to end one with some construction details, or something in between. Something constructive...

But most times something gets in the way; someone calling for breakfast, playing with the office cats or like last Sunday - thinking about stuff..
...thinking about MW's new house which he hasn't even bought. But thinking about it seemed more interesting and important than the "paying" jobs - this is the result. The result of an hour of putting things off. Half way through my sketches reminded me of a building I visited with Sam in Madrid - the Caxia Forum. Herzog added to the existing building with an inverted silhouette of itself, built in aged steel perhaps to reflect its former brick walls. In this building, the lowest floor is carved out to allow the street to come into the building and give the massive block an appearance of floating.

(added later)
When MW found out about this blog entry, he asked if the title was a dig at him. I said no, and realised that his reaction was from knowing the sarcastic me. I told him that I was referring to myself - putting off real work for imagined work. I them added - it could well have applied to him, seeing how long he has taken to decide on buying a house...

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