Tuesday, December 29, 2015


At the eve of the New Year, a friend asked if I counted and reflected. 

I think he meant my blessings, so I told him ‘yes’ - this year more than usual. Many people showed their true colours in positive and not-so-positive ways when I made the important decision to leave my former practice. The responses from these people showed up clearly like a litmus test. Fortunately, the blues of greed and self-interest were outweighed by the pinks of support and encouragement.

Colours that confirmed that my decision to leave was correct.

I am grateful that two young former partners invited me to share space, work and ideas in their new venture.
I am grateful for the colleagues who keep in touch and drop by for lunch, for the students and interns who continue to visit our studio to offer help with models or to take me out for lunch.
I am grateful that my friends who now use our office as a base for running, eating and teaching (soon).
I am grateful to have such a nice destination to cycle to everyday, and for the interesting people that I meet there.
I am grateful for my quirky team, and for clients who showed genuine support with new work and prompt payment.
I am grateful that Sam is working with me and that our children are 'safely' in Uni.
I am grateful for the clarity and purpose in my life now.

The pessimist in me expects problems from the past to resurface this year – but I am ready. 


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