Saturday, December 5, 2015

Revisiting Bali

We spent an interesting evening with my clients who are also my relatives (or it is the other way around?). We meant to check on the lighting levels of their new house but as they were still having dinner, we sat with them and shared drinks and conversation. We have worked for the last 10 months building a new house for their 4 sons, one of whom was getting married in December (now).

A tight work programme, many meetings on site to draw, mock up, approve and build elements of the new house - we have been spending plenty of time together. As we were not able to attend the wedding party in Kuching, they suggested that we should attend the ceremony in Bali.

We declined, and the suggestion became a request and yesterday evening, the request became an instruction, with a suggestion that hotel rooms might be available for Sam and I. He 'warned' that if we did not attend the Bali wedding, he is liable to harp on it for the next year when the project enters Phase it looks like we are going to Bali this Christmas.

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