Thursday, July 11, 2013

Running to Shwedagon

At 5:30 one morning, I ran here from my hotel - a distance of 4 kilometres. No risk of getting lost as the brightly lit golden leaf covered stupa can be seen from a long way off. There were quite a few locals there as well - exercising, stretching and chatting among themselves. After their workout, one of them brought out a box of bottled water from his car and passed them around; I got one too.

There are four gateways into the Shwedagon Pagoda Complex - the view is from the main entrance located along the main axis, which takes you up to the main 'stupa' via a series of internal and external steps.

I wandered 'innocently' into the temple complex and watched people worshiping and meditating in the blue light of dawn. - very peaceful. Until a watchful security guard asked to see my ticket which I did not have and since I did not have any money on me (USD 5) - I left via the east entrance using the lift to take me to street level.

Look who was there as well.....

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