Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blessed Burmese Slippers

I like to get freebies when I buy stuff; a free biscotti with my coffee or a bookmark with the purchase of a book. It doesn't take much to amuse me. However, these are material things. They pale in comparison to the 'free gift' that I received when I bought slippers in Yangon's Bogyoke Market. (formerly Scot's Market).

These are the brown 'flip-flops' with velvet straps worn by most Burmese men with their 'longyi' - I wanted a pair to go with my longyi as I pretended to be Burmese for my 5 days in Yangon.

The owner was an old man, he sat amongst a storey high backdrop of Burmese slippers. He found a pair that suited me, and when he stood up to accept my payment - he did a strange thing. He put one hand on my chest and the other of my back, closed his eyes and recited in Burmese. After about a minute he stopped, gently patted me on my back and smiled. Shein who was observing this nearby told me that that the old man was reciting a blessing for safe journeys and good health. Good value for 3,000 kyats (USD3)

Buying slippers at Scots Market
For free blessings and good Burmese slippers, go to the shoe store next to Shwe Yardana Jewelry store in the Bogyoke Market (right side as you walk in)

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