Monday, July 22, 2013

Colour Malaysia

Leh Soon with some of his new-found friends
His day as an illustrated piechart
I met an interesting young man last night when we were having a 'buka-puasa' dinner with the students in our office. Loh Ley Soon has recently completed His Bachelor of Science in Architecture and he is planning to cycle from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu with a simple objective. He thinks that as Malaysians, we do not see enough of our own country and its people - he feels that cycling provides the best pace to interact with the surroundings and local people. He thought up a simple plan to engage with strangers (especially children) whom he meets. He gives them a box of colour pencils and some paper and asks them to draw their village, their dreams and ambitions, from which conversations begins and initial shyness falls away. 

Leh Soon has a large collection of these drawings and posts his exploits in the Colour Malaysia+ FaceBook page. He also has an interesting way of recording his diary (see above). 
Impromptu drawing studio

Ley Soon sleeps where he can, recently in the store room of a temple

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