Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bye Josie

We met Josie on the 18th November some 12 years ago. We were at the Kuching 3rd Mile wet market wanting to buy some ingredients for a birthday (mine) dinner that night when I noticed her walking about in the bottom of a deep planter box. She seemed cheerful enough so I picked her up and put her into my shopping basket as my birthday present.

We have had her for 12 years during which she demanded little of us as a family; except to be part of our family. She was robust and willful, until a year ago when she lost the use of her kidneys. The doctors gave her a few weeks to live. Sam is equally willful (and robust) and started a regiment of daily drips and injection - first self administered at home and later at the doctors. By then, Josie had suffered a stroke and lost her sight - she was skin and bones. Every morning, Sam would drive to the doctors with Josie in the back seat for her hour long drip - this went on for several months.
Sam and Josie (who was blind by this time) on the way to the doctor.

I have only driven Josie to the doctors only once and even then, had Sara to help with carrying her in and out of the car. On the 22nd of last month, Josie left us - one year after the doctors thought she would not make it - her willfulness shone through until the end.

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