Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Archiprix S.E.A Workshop

National Library of Singapore

Students’ Workshop – 3 parallel workshops led by Prof. Tay Kheng Soon, Yip Yuen Hong and myself was a good opportunity for students from 6 different countries to bond, share ideas and provide solutions to de-construct the Tropical City (Prof. Tay), to design a tropical habitat (Yip) and to convert common spaces in HDB flats into communal spaces (me). Graphic communication bridged langauge barriers as I was reminded of the true objective of such an event; to promote discourse amongst architecture schools in the region.

Tay Tze Yong assisting in the student workshop

the workshop in progress

Tony Liew briefing the students

our workshop with curious onlookers from the other groups

Tito putting it all together

Prof Tay remembers me as "the architect from Sarawak"; I am well pleased.

Yuen Hong looks in on the workshop

our group with the finished products


  1. Thank you for the pictures & the workshop Mr. Min. It's been such a very wonderful experience. I hope we can stay in touch so I can continue to learn from you. Tito

  2. Tito,
    It was a pleasure to have met you and your 'gang' - I enjoyed your presentation, yes we must stay in touch. See you in Bandung.