Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wat s up?

On June the 30th, everyone (almost) from DNA got on a plane and flew to Bangkok for a holiday together - three generations aged from 2 to 72 and many other numbers in between. For 5 days, we shared a bus and a hotel (the 4th floor of the Bangkok Ecotel); tried Thai food and experiences. I shared in their excitement, but mostly I was happy to observe while shopping sprees were planned and conducted; food tested and re-tasted. And happy to sketch from the window as our bus crawled through downtown traffic.

I am happiest with my sketches of Wat Arun ' Temple of Dawn' - across the Chao Phraya River; they did not need further touching up and was finished in the time we were there. 
I had a hour and used it to complete these three pen sketches while my colleagues climbed to the upper tiers of the temple structure.

Arlene took a photo of me sketching at Wat Arun


  1. Beautiful sketches...u r blessed with such great talent....more please..haha

  2. thanks min.. will be my references..