Friday, July 13, 2012

Bangkok Sketch Crawl

I believe that the term ‘sketch-crawl’ is derived from the term ‘pub-crawl’ – the latter involves going from pub to pub, drinking; meeting people in a new place. The ‘crawl’ could be taken to mean the leisurely pace at which matters are conducted or the position one ends up in after the numerous drinks.  

A sketch crawl is conducted in much the same spirit; with participants agreeing to meet at a destination, then moving from place to place; sketching.

In Bangkok, a sketch crawl takes on a different meaning with the downtown traffic snarl slowing things to a crawl literally which can be frustrating unless you make hay while the sun shines. These sketches are done as the bus we were in moved in instalments of twenty metres every 3 minutes – we were late for our planned dinner show which had to be postponed but at least one person is happy.

The happy troupe at the Teak Mansion

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