Thursday, July 26, 2012


Last Wednesday, I presented a short talk at the PAM centre - in an attempt to explain how a roomful of architects of diverse backgrounds, interests and preoccupations come together to produce a body of work that enjoyed success at the Design Awards. I say 'an attempt' because we have tried this twice before - the first time when Huat Lim of ZLG interviewed for an article called "Analysing DNA", followed by a presentation called "Re-analyzing DNA" several years later when we tried to do the same. On both occasions, we did not succeed in shedding any light.

This time, I used 15 of our PAM Awards entries to describe the common design pre-occupations to we share such as 'memory' - an interest to retain and extent the personal history of the site; to use local craft and materials in craft our buildings; challenging accepted norms and typologies to name a few.

Due to the earlier start-times of the talk, only about 40 persons attended, amongst them was Dato Dr. Kenneth Yeang - his GM spoke about their winning scheme in Singapore "Solaris Green". Mingi spoke about the Facelift and his two Showrooms.

Mingi presenting his work

The time given for the talk was 30 minutes which was rather short - I plan to revise this presentation and add more material for an hour's worth of information for my next session of architecture students.

Stay tuned.


  1. DesignNetworkArchitects :-)

  2. Great to see an excellent local malaysian born practice. Universal appeal yet rooted with its locality.

  3. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement; please visit Kuching so I can buy you a seafood dinner