Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday was a good day

Kuching Council Flats on Ban Hock Road
Today is one of those days when all the simple pleasures of my life come together to make it something worth writing about. At 430 a.m. Eng Hooi and I ran to the Tabuan Jaya petrol station where Laffy and Peter was waiting to join our run to breakfast at 'Sexy Popia".

Sexy Popia is our name for the popia (picture) stall at Choon Hui on Ban Hock Road; sexy because the proprietress is fond of wearing short short shorts - which distinguishes this place from Aunty Popia at Nanas Road.  

A Breakfast of Champions in Kuching includes Sarawak Laksa, Kaya Toast, Popia (of course) and lashings of Kopi-O ini good company of friends and family. Usually followed by a well deserved nap. 
The Popia is the grand-daddy of the Spring Roll
After my nap, it was time for lunch. So off to another old part of town - Kenyalang Park for Fishball Soup with Taufu and Rice Vermicelli.

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