Saturday, April 7, 2012

A long afternoon in Singapore

As much as I look forward to trips away from Kuching - such as the recent Taipei trip; I usually start missing Sam and the kids within a day. This is especially pronounced when I do not have enough to occupy my mind, or if I see something I know they would like. 

So after lunch with Stephen, SiYong and Peggy - I set off to 'occupy' my long afternoon. I got out into the heat, away from the underground shopping arcades.  I joined the tourists and Fillipino maids on their day off, at Marina Bay

After half an hour, it got too hot so I escaped into the Esplanade lobby where there are often free concerts in the afternoon. Today was no different; a local percussion band was playing, practicing actually but it offered a soothing backdrop to be in the company of strangers enjoying a free 'gig'

I sat on one of the triangular seats at the base of the columns; next to a dating couple and eavesdropped on their conversation. He is thinking of changing jobs; she thinks they should take that Europe trip. It was a bit warm and stuffy, I doze off in between lines on paper. Finally the sketches are done.          Time for my customary S$ 1 ice cream wafer 

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