Monday, March 26, 2012

Beitou Library, Taipei

I sketched from a kerbside bench

While my travel companions soaked in hot thermal baths that Beitou is famous for; I stayed out of doors and took in the sights in this scenic hillside town. The tiny park in the centre of the Hot Springs area has two architectural gems; one new and one older. The new and more striking one is the Beitou Library with its large oversailing roof and timber clad exterior.

A few starting lines to help the eye to register want the hand attempts to do

Add details only when the framework is to your liking

Add shadows and textures to bring out the forms

The details shown here were added while waiting for our flight home

..and the colours were added at home.

When we visited the Japanese Museum at Beitou, the brick and timber appeared to glow in the late afternoon light. I stood in its garden by the river and looked at it for a long moment - watching visitors stroll along its verandahs. 


  1. nice to see the steps of sketching :)

  2. The slightly different colour of the second last sketch is because the photo was taken in yellow light

  3. good tip ... i end up doing too much details immediately. I can try to capture the form then only fill in details later ...