Monday, July 18, 2011

Home for some

Our studio at work

Toffee the dog is two timing us - Sam and I rescued him from a short life on the streets and gave him a home at DNA. One day, he escaped. We thought that we had lost him for good, because we looked everywhere. Then Rosalind from down the street rang up and said "I think I have your dog; I am now his mummy, he has been with us for several weeks and we call him Mr. Brown".
So, we agreed to have a time-share dog who would benefit from twice the loving.

Toffee rolls in mid morning like a CEO; checks in with Leong and I before having a nap. He stays for lunch with Arlene. In the afternoon, he wanders around taking part in our group discussions. At 4 pm, Mr. Brown leaves to return home to mommy and dinner.

Sometimes, Life should be simple like that.

me, toffee and iPod (2009)
Toffee a.k.a.Mr. Brown (Aug 2011)

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