Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Religious Freedom

These are sketches of the St.Thomas Cathedral in Kuching; during several visits (re-visits) to this school-day landmark. I took some students there for a sketching exercise, and while there I thought about some recent discussions concerning freedom of choice. Specifically within the practice of architecture. We constantly use our projects to express ourselves and to test our ideas, and ultimately make our own mistakes. For the firm that wants to grow creatively, this is a practice to be encouraged, especially amongst their young architects.

They must have the freedom to make the important decisions for the projects that they run; the design approach, the datelines, even the fees to be charged and the technical support required to complete the project.
view from the front entrance steps
cross section through the church
showing the saw-tooth configuration of the side aisle

partial elevation showing the articulated wall line
from the inside, this translates into seating niches for 3-4 people.

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