Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old Friends

There were two speakers from the Deakin University Alumni at the PAM Design Forum; Dr.Tan Loke Mun and myself - we discovered that we shared more common experiences while in Geelong than we had originally imagined - including working for a local builder-architect, Peter Lockyer and many anecdotes involving mutual friends. In the midst of our conversation, 'Doc' mentioned that he has copies of our ID photos when we registered as students in the Architectural faculty, and knowing my interest in photography promised to send me the copies. 

Here are an excerpt from them;  I was in third year in 1987 - in the same class as Brendan Mooney, Chong Lee Siong, Brenda Mckenzie and Chris Yip (I wonder what happened to him?). 

I emailed them to fellow class mates and others in Australia, and quite suddenly a reunion was suggested and organised for our 25th year reunion to be held in Melbourne. In the process, I got in contact again with Dianne (of the 3 Girls on Bikes fame), Simon Tiller and Sam Penfold (who kindly sent me a recent photo of themselves). Memories unfold and forgotten stories are remembered when I look at these black and whites. I plan to collect recent photos of themselves and complete an updated version of this list, perhaps in time for the reunion.
Simon and Sam

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