Monday, April 4, 2011

Dinner for One

A glass of wine and a good book is sometimes better company than a table full of business colleagues; especially after a long few days of meetings. I find that when dining alone the other diners tend to not notice you are there (as do the waiters) and as a result, they speak more openly. You can then eavesdrop in between the chapters of your book; for instance the three Indian gentlemen seated in front of me are treating their friend who is a new arrival from the home country; buying frozen chapattis for the chef to cook; the newbie has brought a jar of homemade chutney to share. He is the only one eating with his fingers; sucking them clean and running the flat of his knuckles on the plate and licking them to pick up gravy.
To my left, the wife has probably just flown in with 'bubs' to see daddy - Bintulu is full of people working 'on-site' away from their families - and they are having a quiet chat (too quiet to hear) while 'bubs' entertains the dinner crowd. The toddler walks from table to table 'talking' to the patrons. I sent him on his way with the 'medium rare' flag and a sprig of shallot garnish from my plate. 


  1. Lovely sketch!..and story..

  2. thanks mate, love your site too. you can really draw.