Wednesday, November 3, 2010 want to be an Architect ?

Last month, we attended a series of career guidance talks at the HIP cafe at the Spring - we went after I was earlier invited to give a similar lecture to students in Architecture as a career. Not many of them turned up. Apparently, it coincided with their tuition classes.

Perhaps Architecture is not something that folks are interested in anymore - perhaps it is too long a course; too expensive, maybe they feel that there isn't enough money in it (is there ever enough money in their world?). Or perhaps they feel that it is simply too hard; too much work. Especially when disgruntled architects complain about bad clients and even worse contractors; too much work for too little return. The problem is that these architects are thinking of the returns as purely financial, and also looking at a glass as half empty rather than half full most (if not all) of the time.

The HIP cafe at Spring, Kuching

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