Wednesday, February 3, 2010

drive 2007

As a young boy, I spent a number of years at my grandma's place - an old bungalow with a forest of trees around it. The feature which I remember most is the gravel driveway leading to the house, flanked by tall lalang with two rutted tracks worn down by car tyres.
And in between the ruts, grass grew....
I used this childhood as a model for the driveway to my brother's new house - which we completed in 2007. The design enabled me to introduce greenery into this narrow strip of land, two concrete strips were laid with grass in between them, interspersed with timber sleepers as construction joints.
The timber sleepers were bought at 12-foot lengths, the driveway was 10 feet wide; the remaining 2 feet became stumps for mounting garden lights. I like the design for its economy, environmental sensitivity and pleasing visual rhythm.